Spa Week Features the José Eber Therapy RX

And they were insistent on readers understanding that the Therapy RX tool is not a straightener -- and rightfully so!
Don’t be fooled by the picture, this is not a flat iron. Nope, it’s a high-tech haircare tool you never knew existed, but trust us — you’re going to want one.

Let’s face it, summer can be harsh on hair. From chlorine to sea water and damaging UV rays, by the end of the summer hair often becomes frizzy, unmanageable, and damaged. You can say goodbye to split ends and flyaways with José Eber’s Therapy RX Moisture Boosting Tool. While it might look like a flat iron, this tool is actually designed to combat hair damaging elements like heat styling, chemicals, bleaches, perms, and environmental conditions like pollution, wind and sun damage.

Therapy RX emits no heat, instead high-frequency ultrasonic vibration breaks down leave-in conditioners and oils to molecule sized nanoparticles. This allows leave-in treatment to sink into the hair cuticle, maximizing the absorption of moisture. At the same time, eight high-powered, heatless infrared LEDs work to penetrate the hair cuticles to accelerate the rate at which the conditioner is absorbed while ultraviolet LED lights remove buildup and bacteria from hair.
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