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7 Surprising Summer Hair Hacks

We might think we're taking care of our hair properly, but there are some things we deal with on a daily basis that are actually damaging to our hair. We are all guilty of at least doing these things, but we can start to avoid each one to obtain even better hair at the end of the day.

  • Wearing your hair up everyday -- We know you like to tie your hair up when it's hot or when it's in the way of your face. Doing so everyday causes tension on your hair and cause your follicles to fall out because it's being pulled. Let your hair breathe and release the stress!
  • Using a rough elastic -- If you really cant get away from tying your hair up, use a fabric covered elastic or bobby pin away. Studies show, the rough material of rubberbands causes hair loss and trauma to your hair. Say no to rubber bands and say yes yes to scrunchies. Sock buns are great alternatives too! But we'll talk about that in another post. ;)
  • Brushing wet hair -- When your hair is wet, it is at its most vulnerable state. This makes your hair more prone to split ends and fall out. Use a wide tooth combed to get out the tangles if you have to. When your hair is 3/4 dry, you can then use a brush. Make sure it is clean (refer to next bullet) and always start by brushing from the ends, and work your way up using small strokes.
  • Not cleaning beauty tools -- Residue gets stuck in our hair brushes overtime and this is the breeding ground for bacteria. Once you put it onto your hair and scalp, you're back with dirty hair. Dirty hair and an unhealthy scalp slows down hair growth. Remove those hairs stuck in your brushes and all that gunk. That gunk is a mixture of dead skin cells, grease, dust, and hair product buildup. No one wants that in their hair. 
  • Drying hair with a towel -- Drying your hair with a towel vigorously causes breakage. Use a T-shirt to wring out the excess water out your hair. 
  • Cotton pillowcases -- Sleeping on cotton pillowcases draws moisture out. Swap it out with a satin pillowcase, it also helps your skin and prevents wrinkles. Satin is just an overall better alternative that is more delicate to your skin and hair.
  • Sun bathing -- The sun is your frenemy. It's great to get some vitamin D, but not for too long. Wear a hat to keep some shade over your head to prevent dry hair and split ends.

Don't be selfish! Now that you know the hacks, make sure to share this with your friends to save them from some damage.

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